Sezione Botanica "F. Parlatore"
Botanical Section "F. Parlatore"


The Botanical Section of the Natural History Museum of Florence University is the most important scientific institution in Italy as regards the development and conservation of collections of plants and materials of plant origin, held together here for research and educational purposes as well as for public exhibitions. With almost 5 million specimen it is the largest Italian collection of dried plant specimens (herbaria) and various other types of material and models.

The herbaria in the Botanical Section are currently being computerized for their typus material. At the moment this material all belongs to the Herbarium Centrale Italicum (H.C.I.) and certain historical herbaria.

Citation of any material consulted on-line should be as follows:
 Sezione Botanica Museo di Storia Naturale (Ed.) (continuously updated)
 Digital specimen images from the FI Herbaria – published on Internet
 To refer to a specific image, cite the specimen barcode.

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